Did you know that the energy of your home can affect your mental state? This is especially true during the past few months of cold weather and being socially distance from our friends and family. Embracing a few energy-releasing home tips and tricks can, in turn, energize your mind and improve your mental wellbeing. Feng Shui is a Chinese system of laws considered to govern special arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. In Feng Shui, energy is referred to as Chi or qi but there are many terms that can be used to describe this aspect of universal energy.

To picture the energy in your home, visualize water entering through your front door. Look around the space that you are in right now: would water flow smoothly and nourish all areas, or would it become blocked and stagnant?

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Free Yourself From Clutter: Removing clutter is more about creating space. When you create space in your home, you create space in your life and you’re able to welcome new things. This may feel like a daunting task, but start small – a drawer, a table, your pantry, your refrigerator—size doesn’t matter, just take some time to clear it out and let go of whatever isn’t necessary. If you’re game to go even a step further, try out colour organization tips from Home Edit.

Maximize Natural Light: If you’re lucky enough to live in a space with many windows, take advantage of it! Natural light makes us feel happier and more positive. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, strategically installing mirrors to reflect light can create the illusion of a more expansive space and bring more light into your home. When choosing a home, a corner lot will allow extra windows along the side, and keep in mind the window sizes and quantity throughout.

Clean Your Windows: Dirty windows mean that less sunlight can enter. When we don’t have a well-lit space, things seem less vibrant and our energy can decline. Make a habit of cleaning your windows to help see the world around you with more color and clarity.

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Embrace Plant Life: Plants are energy sources; they are living things that bring freshness, health and vitality into our spaces. When picking out plants, consider ones that naturally clean the air inside your home. The Spruce has some great options for statement plants in your home, and NASA has their list of the best air purifying plants for your home.

Add Textures from Nature: Bringing nature-inspired elements like wood into your home, is one of the five Feng Shui elements. When in balance, wood enhances trust, originality, spirituality, stillness, new growth and ideas.

Make an Impression: When choosing a front door colour, you are also creating a first impression. From the moment you walk into your home, you can spark joy, attract energy into your home, and reflect your personality through colour choices.

Slumber Soundly: Ideally, when sleeping, your head (or the head of your bed) should be facing north. North represents quieting of the mind and promotes the warm, restorative, safe feeling that comes from a deep sleep or hibernation.

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Clear out your closet: When you get dressed for the day and open up your closet only to see all the clothes that don’t fit you anymore, that negatively affects your mood! Make a habit of making donations. Each season, or more often if you wish, go through your belongings and compile a box of items to donate.

Things come and things go: Life is not static but continually changing. Open spaces get filled, then filled again. Play with the space you have and don’t be afraid to let things go!

Don’t block your own path: Keep your hallways in check by being mindful that they are kept clear of clutter, but don’t hesitate to pepper the walls with photographs and artwork, especially for long hallway. Too much empty space can make energy move too quickly.

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