• Good Neighbours

    Here, everyone is welcome and neighbours naturally blossom into friends thanks to a neighbourhood design, and culture, that promotes connectivity.

  • Proudly Polished

    The Orchards maintains a natural beauty that grows alongside the families who choose to bloom here; a place you can proudly host family and friends.

  • Make Connections

    Embrace new opportunities to socialize and branch out in exciting ways thanks in part to the Club House's unrivalled ability to foster connections through clubs and classes.

  • Come Out to Play

    Enjoy the chance to get outside and play with friendly, like-minded neighbours thanks to sports courts, ice rinks, playgrounds and five-star event facilities.

Community Features

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Breathe Deep

Fragrant fruit trees and expansive green space make exploring your backyard a delight for the senses.

Go Further

Walking paths and trails make it easy to go somewhere you've never been, and back again.

Play it Up

The Club House provides eight acres of green space to play on, run on, skate on, and anything else that brings you joy!

Natural Connections

Here, natural beauty surrounds you, showcasing blossoming fruit trees, ponds and scenic panoramic views.

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