Summertime is at its best when you and your neighbours can get together for a community block party. But before you close off your street and decorate, there are a few things you should take care of first to ensure your block party goes off without a hitch.

The City of Edmonton has put together an awesome block party guide to point you in the right direction. We also have this handy block party checklist for you. With these quick steps and tips, you could throw a legendary block party that your community won’t forget!

The Orchards Block Party 1

Build a team

Get a few neighbours, friends, family members, or property manager to help with the block party. Be sure to assign roles so nothing gets missed.

Pick a day

Picking a day can actually get a little complicated. Weekends are typically ideal, but weekends can be busy during the summer. Considering a weekday evening could be a way to get more neighbours out to your party.

Pick a time

Not only can picking a day be tricky, getting the time right is also important. With City noise restrictions, condo or community standards for noise, and even what your neighbours schedules are like can affect your block party. Make sure you know all the bylaws, standards, and everyone’s schedules to get as many neighbours out as possible.

The Orchards Block Party 3

Pick a location

Whether it’s online, on your street, in your yard, or in a park, pick a location and make sure it’s front and centre along with the date and time on any information your hand out. Also be sure to check any City or community standards for the location you picked.

Plan activities

Organizing drinks and food might be enough to get everyone out and connecting. If you think you need an extra icebreaker to get everyone connecting, plan some simple activities or games. The key word here is simple. Avoid the urge to over-plan and keep any activities easy to get into, fun, and engaging.

Rent/borrow any equipment you need

Did you know the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues offers rentals for block parties? From games to creative activities all the way to fire pits, be sure to know what you have access to through EFCL or your Residents’ Association to make your block party even more fun. You can also check in with your community league or Residents’ Association to see what they have available to borrow or rent for your party.

The Orchards Block Party 2

Let your neighbours know!

Make sure everyone in your block/crescent/street knows you’re having a get together. A single Facebook post or event page might not be enough to keep your party on top of everyone’s minds. Consider reaching out to your Residents’ Association or Community League to include your get-together on their emails. You can even try posters or flyers – go door to door handing them out or leave them in high traffic areas for people to pick up (depending on the size of your block party).

Capture your memories

Having someone there to take photos and video to share across social media is a great way to make sure your neighbours who didn’t come to your block party will want to come to the next. You can even reach out to Brookfield Residential and let them know the date and time of your block party and they will send a photographer to capture all the memories from your event.

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